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It has long been understood within the scientific & medical community that strong faith, creative expression & companionship can be powerful factors in the healing and health of human beings. These powers often have particular meaning to those individuals dealing with the unpredictable challenges of multiple sclerosis (MS) & to their families who are also affected. Our mission is to raise public awareness about primary progressive & progressive-relapsing MS; that there are currently no treatments shown to be safe and effective against these forms of MS, and that there is an immediate need for public support and research.



Look what Soph' found on eBay. Dogs & old bones ???

Brett & Soph's ~ 200 year old Saint Philomena Reliquary rescued from an abandoned
chapel in the South of France with Saint Philomena's intact ~ 1700 year old
bone relic
incased. How is this even possible? We've been asking her the same question.

Warning: St. Philomena is a 13 year old "child princess"
& has an interesting sense of humor
. Be very careful.

Brett now has a special devotion to St. Philomena. At the time he wrote his artist statement
appearing in ArtisSpectrum, he lived in Pittsburgh, PA and had routinely, but unknowingly,
walked his dog "Sophia" past the location where St. Philomena's first church in the United
had stood over a century before (pictured on the next page). Brett had also unknowingly lived
near St. Philomena's second church in the United States, which now is also gone (formerly
located in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh). It was not until the above relic came into his life that
he learned about the saint, her churches in Pittsburgh, and all that jazz. Feels as though
Saint Philomena has adopted him & Soph', and sends help as needed. Hope it's true.

We won Philly's relic, but lost Lou's baseball below.

Maybe Philly's a Phillies fan? Or, a Yankees fan & this ball is a fake!
I don't know, but read about baseball hero Lou too & God bless ya.


Above: Meet Saint Philly of Allentown (formerly France) & visit her Iron Pigs of Allentown.
& next Page: Saint Philly of Philadelphia (formerly Pittsburgh) & visit her
Phillies of Philadelphia.
Also, read about Brett & Soph's well-known Angel devotions.

Continue reading about Saint Philly!


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